Why Hire A Personal Photo Organizer?


A decade ago, most of us had one, maybe two cameras in our homes. If we wanted to capture a special event, we had to remember to take our camera with us. If we hadn't yet upgraded to digital, we had to make sure the camera had film. Then we had to drop the film off to have the photos printed.

Most of us now have multiple devices that we use as cameras and we rarely find ourselves without one. Capturing life's special moments takes very little advance planning. We take hundreds of photos every year.

What happens to those photos? How many of your digital photos are ever removed from your phone, tablet or memory card? If you have uploaded them to a computer, where are they? Some of them might have made it to facebook or instagram, but what about the hundreds of others? Did you realize that many children born in the 21st century have never held a photo of themselves in their hands?

We take pictures to document our lives- not just the significant milestones, but the everyday moments that make life meaningful. Why do we take so many pictures? Because we want to hold on to those memories. We want to re-live them by telling our stories with those pictures. Unfortunately, many of us bring our photos home from vacations, reunions or weddings and get busy with other things. We upload a photo or two to share with others and the rest are forgotten. Then, the number of photos we have accumulated becomes overwhelming, so we give up. Our photos disappear into a black hole, never to be seen or enjoyed again.


As personal photo organizers, we will help you reclaim your family's photographs - whether printed or digital. We will help you preserve and share your stories both now and as a legacy for future generations.